International Drive is just minutes away from The Addison at Universal Blvd. We strive to provide convenience for all of our residents. International Drive is home to a ton of restaurants and live entertainment, including the Improv Comedy Theater.

First, Desi Banks is an actor, comedian, and cultural influencer based out of Atlanta, GA. Desi Banks has over 4 million followers on Instagram. He has done a lot work with a ton of influencers and comedian for years, including B.Simone, Pretty Vee and Candace B. 

Desi is currently headlining his “The Purpose Tour” across the nation at sold out legendary venues and comedy clubs. With instant success in standup, he has consistently landed on The Hollywood Reporter’s Top 10 Most Popular Comedians list. Desi Banks Productions – he writes, produces and stars as the leading actor in the new web series, How It Goes Down in The Hood.

Desi’s influence and comedic genius have afforded him opportunities for major brand partnerships across various industries in sports, music, and fashion.

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